Who are we?

We are a group of experts specialising in Foreign Exchange, Cryptocurrency and trading leveraged products. We have years of experience working in the Foreign Exchange industry.

We have all learned the hard way and suffered losses trading leveraged products previously. Learning from your losses and mistakes is the key to your success. We are not guaranteeing you will make a profit, but we are guaranteeing we will teach you everything we know about the Forex market.

Learning how to trade takes time, and we are willing to invest time in to your education. How successful you are will depend on your psychology, discipline and patience to learn. We do not win 100% of our trades, however to become a profitable trader you will need to learn when to let go of losing positions. 

We are bringing together thousands of Australians who are looking to learn a skill that can be used throughout the rest of their lives! 

What are you waiting for, join Forex Kings now and become part of a larger community with a centralised goal, success.