DAX (German Index GDAXI) - SELL - 18th FEB

DAX (German Index GDAXI) - SELL - 18th FEB (Closed)

Good afternoon Forex Kings

All trades are currently running into a profit, I feel we are positioned well for the week ahead.

We are now looking at the Index market as corporations are now coming out cutting growth forecasts due to the coronavirus.

Apple has already said they will not meet Q1 earnings due to decreased supply/demand in the current market.

HSBC has now cut its 2020 forecasts as well due to corona virus, they are also expecting a large amount of job cuts as the bank is preparing for a major overhaul.

Is this the start of major corporations cutting growth forecasts?

We see the German index (DAX) as an opportunity to sell.

Technical Analysis

DAX – Weekly Charts

RSI is signalling a bearish divergence, this suggests the peaks are running out of steam. There is also a major double top which generally results in a pull back.

DAX – 1 Day Charts

Firstly, the index is trading between a sharp inclining wedge formation. This suggests we could see a sizeable pull back soon.

There has just been a rejection from the top of the wedge which could provide a good entry point.


Trade Setup: SELL (Market Order) – our entry was 13,725, stop loss at 13,900 and take profit targets are 13,200 and 13,000.

Stop loss: 175

Take Profit: 525

With the DAX, 1 contract is 2.50 Euros per 00,001 of movement. 

1 contract = 437 EURO risk which is roughly $700 AUD

Trade Setup


Take Profit

Stop Loss