NZDUSD - SELL - 11th February 2022 (Updated 15th FEB)

NZDUSD - SELL - 11th February 2022 (Updated 15th FEB) (Closed)

Updated position 15th Feb

Afternoon team,

The NZDUSD is tracking well to the downside and we are looking to build a second position into our initial sell trade. We have moved the SL of our initial trade to our opening rate at 0.6660 and will use this level as our SL for this next position.

NZDUSD Trade 2

Trade Setup 2: SELL STOP, entry price 0.6609, stop loss 0.6660 and take profit 0.6530.

Stop loss: 51 pips

Take profit: 79 pips


Good morning team,

Due to inflation surging again in the US and the possibility of a larger interest rate hike from the FED in March, we are looking to go long on the DXY and short the NZDUSD. There has been another classic ABC corrective rally which has lead to a further decline.

NZDUSD Daily Chart

NZDUSD 1 Hour Chart

Trade Setup: SELL market execution, current price 0.6660, stop loss 0.6732 and take profit 0.6534.

Stop loss: 62 pips

Take profit: 126 pips

Trade Setup
SELL - Market Execution


Take Profit

Stop Loss