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    Hi guys,

    Feel free to discuss which Algo bots you are all using, any issues you have had and any feedback.
    Since the majority of users have moved across to Super High Returns and Compressor the feedback has been really good!

    Cheers Tony


    Been on Super high returns for just over a month now and its going well. However my position sizes are much smaller than the algo bot given that the algo’s leverage is 1:500 whereas our accounts are 1:100. Has anyone been able to request to increase their leverage with Blake?



    Hi Richard,

    Yes I recently did a leverage change on my account. You can do it via the everforex client portal.

    I’m also on super high return, going on to 3rd month shortly. I like it lots of positive trades. Good seeing the larger positions with my leverage increase.

    Sometimes I do wish it did the opposite as it moves into a negative position and sometimes holds it for a long time waiting for it to swing back. For instance if i closed all my current trades it would wipe most of my profit from the last 3 months. Not a negative trade until its closed though and to date the positive trade % is very impressive.

    I’m keen to hear how other people are going? any one on other bots?

    Kingsley Hill

    Hi Daz,

    I’ve just started on Super High and was wondering what leverage you went for? I have my account set on 1:400 but the bot is only trading small positions from 0.01 to 0.04? I’d like to trade position sizes of around 0.10 so wondering what leverage I need.


    Hi Hilki,

    I am using 1:400 and largest position size has been .09 with my balance of approx $5k. Given the state of the current open positions it would take up a fair chunk of what I assume your balance is to cover those positions. I don’t think I saw a leverage option over 400 though, so might be a question for Tony and Blake.

    Michael Guinsburg

    I’m on Super High as well and my leverage is 400:1. I think the position sizes are relative to your account balance. I started at 5k and was getting those small sizes. I have bumped my investment up to 15k as of this month and the position sizes have increased to .14-.25 with the most recent trades.


    Super high returns roller coaster continues. I was very happy to close the EURUSD positions in profit after having them so far into the red whilst open.

    Now we seem to be back in the same boat with USDCA. Sometimes i look at it and if we actually did the opposite of the trades it is doing we could close with more profit very quickly.

    Instead we hold for a week or longer and take more positions to offset or price average until it finally swings back in our favour. seems silly whinging when it has such a high % of profitable trades but just a mental thing of seeing it hovering in the red for so long which gets to me i think.

    What do you guys think?

    James W

    Has anyone got Compressor? It seemed to be ticking along nicely until this week and to me it seems like they have changed up their method or something? Im no expert but it looks like he is chasing a few losses?


    Hi All, just wondering if anyone is on super high returns still? I got on about a month ago and the past week has been very grim. Have other bots copped an absolute beating from this fking corona virus?


    Yes, I am still on super high returns. As per my post above was happy to get out of some of the previous trades in profit but it has well and truly shat the bed with its latest setup and then consequent trades to try and offset the original trade.

    As I said the position it gets itself in if you manually traded against its trades you would often be able to turn a tidy profit.

    I wasn’t sure if it chose to close the trades or it hit the equity limit in accounts due to number and size of trades its setup on the one position as it normally just rides it and holds for weeks instead of closing…


    Hi Daz, thanks for the reply. Yes I’ve noticed it keeps doubling down on the trades on certain intervals. This may have worked well in the past but it’s coming back to haunt us at the moment. They appear to be all hinged on the USD which is currently in free fall.
    My equity has been cut in half and I’m hoping this current situation doesn’t soak up the other half.
    Will you be holding out?


    hey guys, I’m on super high returns as well, next week would complete 3 months. My initial plan was to “harvest” some profits every 3-6 months, eg. withdraw 75% or so of profits and that way keep building my overall equity over time. After these past couple of days it looks like I’ll be waiting until 6 months until my balance (hopefully) recovers and profits again, but there was always a risk this could happen.
    Just wondering if anyone else had plans/ideas on how to juggle the balance between taking out profit while its there AND still building your overall equity to increase % returns?


    To be honest Andrew, I haven’t even thought about profits. It seems like a million miles away at the moment. I’ll rethink this if I ever get there.


    I think the developer of Super high has fucked everyone on it. Im pretty sure he closed the usdjpy AND usdchf trades at a massive loss. As a last ditch effort he dumped a heap of money into his account so I can’t see how his account could have had a margin call. He just fucked everyone over. I have disabled the signal to try and recuperate some money on the eurusd trades, in case he closes those as well. I tried to contact forex kings and Blake today for help but to no avail.


    wow. just wow…

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