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Our mentoring programs are designed to teach you how to start becoming a smarter Forex investor from scratch (even if you have no experience). We host numerous educational programs/systems which are designed for beginners and those looking to capitalise on the Forex Market.

The methods we have developed are a mixture of institutional fundamental analysis paired with professional technical charting. A lot of Forex Traders consistently lose their hard-earned money to the brokers on a weekly basis making rookie beginner mistakes.

We do things differently here, we have built a strong trading community full of profiting traders. We want you to take the next step and join the team.
It’s time for you to make the change and start trading smart in the Forex market!

It’s time for you to make the change and start investing smart in the Forex market!

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Multiple forex systems

No matter your bankroll size or skill level, we have a Forex system just for you. Starting from low-risk demo account training, to following our personal Forex Analysis, to learning how to do discretionary Forex Trading on your own, all the way up to highly Algorithmic Bots - our platform has it all.


Learn different Forex strategies to increase your chances of success in the Forex market. Everyone has different personalities and will require a different approach.

Expert guidance

Our team of highly skilled Forex Traders have a total combined experience in this field of over 20 years! It is estimated that the Cash Kings Forex have educated over 10,000 individuals world wide on the Forex Market.

Ongoing 24/7 support

Once you are a member you won’t be left in the dark, our support team is here for ongoing assistance. In addition, members also gain access to forums and a live chat with a community-base of over 1000 members.

Existing member testimonials

Listen to what existing members of the Cash Kings program have to say, how well they did on our system and what you could gain from joining us today.

Existing member testimonials

Have a read of what some of our members have to say about our services.

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